Sanitary Valve Union Check Valve

Check Valve is a kind of valve that its opening and closing parts are circular disc and act by its own weight and medium pressure to block medium reverse flow. It is an automatic valve class, also known as the check valve, Backflow, or isolation valve.

Disc movement is divided into lifting and swing-type. Lift check valves are similar in structure to globe valves except for the stem that drives the disc. The medium flows in from the lower side of the inlet and out from the upper side of the outlet. The valve is opened when the inlet pressure is greater than the combined weight of the disc and its flow resistance. Conversely, the medium reverse flow when the valve is closed. Swing check valves have an inclined disc that can be rotated about an axis and work in a similar way to lift check valves. Check valves are often used as the bottom valve of a pumping unit to prevent the backflow of water. Check Valve and globe valve combination use can play the role of safe isolation. 


Details About Sanitary Valve Union Check Valve

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2020)

【Product Name】Sanitary Valve Union Check Valve

【Max. Working Pressure】10 Bar

【Working Temperature】-20 ~ +130 degree C

【Size】1/2″-12″, DN10-DN300

【Connection Method】Tri-Clamp / Triclamp

【Seal Material】PTFE/EPDM/FPM/SILICON/NBR, FDA177.2600


【Driving Method】Manual / Pneumatic / Electric Operation

【Handle Option】Pull handle / Plastic/ SS Multi-positon handle

【Actuator Application】Stainless steel actuator/ Horizontal pneumatic actuator

【Application】Check valve is a type of valve which opens or closes relying on the medium flow itself & period. The check valve disc will open when the pressure of stem bottom exceeds the stem above. The check valve disc will close when the two pressures are equaled & period; So that the flow goes one way in the pipeline & comma, and prevent the fluid flowing back, avoid the accidents & period.


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